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Dialogue Roundtables

The Investment Dialogue will include a series of roundtable meetings, giving government, philanthropic partners and community leaders the opportunity to share knowledge, align strategic priorities and drive meaningful change. 


Inaugural Roundtable

The first National Investment Dialogue Roundtable was held at Parliament House on 4 December 2023. It was attended by the Executive Group and representatives from philanthropic and government dialogue members.

Participants signed the Working Together Agreement – outlining a shared commitment to a long-term collaboration to improve the wellbeing of children, young people, and their families – and agreed to embed community voices in Investment Dialogue discussions through the establishment of a Community Leadership Council and a First Nations Leadership Council. 


At the inaugural roundtable, philanthropic dialogue members announced approximately $65 million dollars of recent investments aligned to the Investment Dialogue’s vision.


These investments have been initiated by philanthropy since conversations about the collaboration commenced in September 2022 following the Jobs and Skills Summit. 

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More information

Media releases about the first Roundtable are available here.

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