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We recognise a collaborative and long-term approach is needed to ensure all children and young people across Australia can fulfil their potential. We believe this requires a different way of working and strong, enduring partnerships between key stakeholders, including between communities, philanthropy, and government. 

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Our Focus Areas

How we are turning dialogue into action


Projects and programs

We will look for opportunities to align our investments to reduce duplication, appropriately allocate resources, incentivise innovation and maximise our collective impact.  



We will work in partnership to deliver targeted, place-specific solutions that are community-led. We will invest in capability and will share leadership with communities and people with lived experience of the challenges we seek to address.  


Policy and system level reforms

We will create the conditions necessary for systems change and aim to better deliver solutions in genuine partnerships with local communities. We will work to ensure services and systems are adjusted to meet the needs of local communities where required.  


Data and evaluation

We will prioritise improvements to data and evaluation practices, including improved community access to data, to help identify priority areas for reform, enable effective investment decisions, and support community decision making.


This is just the beginning.

We are in the early stages of developing this new way of working so that we can drive meaningful change in the next 10 years.  

The Investment Dialogue’s focus on children recognises the importance of collaborating on prevention and early intervention, as we know that investments to support children have the best chance of making long-term intergenerational change. 

Further details on our vision, commitments and focus areas can be found in our Working Together Agreement here.

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Our partners are based around the country.

One of the fundamental commitments of the Investment Dialogue is to be community-led. The Investment Dialogue includes government and philanthropic partners who invest in community organisations across Australia.


The Investment Dialogue will work together in a shared learning culture to enable communities build solutions that respond to local need. 


Many local communities are already leading the way with innovative and effective approaches and programs, prioritising better co-ordination and co-operation among service providers, based on the unique needs of those communities, to achieve greater success for children and families. 

While the Investment Dialogue is still in its early stages of development, there are already strong community examples of how this collective way of working delivers powerful results for children and families. 


Here are a few examples of great work already happening, shining the way for us. 

Communities leading the way

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SNAICC - the National Voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children

The Inklings Program - Telethon Kids Institute

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