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Our Partners

The Investment Dialogue for Australia's Children started as a discussion and has evolved into a collaboration that is committed to working to empower community led solutions supporting children, young people, families and communities.


Government Partners

Government partners to the Investment Dialogue currently include the Australian Government. 

The Working Together Agreement, signed on behalf of the Australian Government by the Treasurer and the Minister for Social Services includes a standing invitation to current and future governments to commit to the vision and shared objectives of the Investment Dialogue for Australia's Children. 

Philanthropic Partners

Philanthropic foundations from around the country have committed to the principles outlined in the Working Together Agreement and will look to coordinate decision making, grounded in collaborative efforts with Government partners and community voices. 

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Strategic Convenor

ARACY - Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth has been appointed as the Strategic Convenor for the Investment Dialogue. 

A dedicated team within ARACY supports all partners in the Investment Dialogue to convene around key areas of the work. 

If you have any questions, please contact

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