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Establishment of First Nations and Community Leadership Councils


The Investment Dialogue for Australia's Children is excited to announce the establishment of our First Nations Leadership Council and Community Leadership Council.

The Leadership Councils will bring community and First Nations perspectives to the forefront of the Investment Dialogue to ensure multiple diverse perspectives are incorporated into its operations. The Leadership Councils will operate as guiding and advisory bodies.

The first meetings of each Leadership Council took place virtually, with the First Nations Leadership Council meeting on 7 May and the Community Leadership Council meeting on 9 May.

At these meetings, members had an opportunity to connect and receive an introduction to the Investment Dialogue. Members also discussed the roles of the Leadership Councils and Terms of Reference. You can find the Terms of Reference for each Leadership Council here.

An Expression of Interest process conducted in March and April 2024 resulted in a remarkable pool of passionate individuals. A list of the members of each Leadership Council is now published below and here. We are thrilled to welcome these members, each with powerful stories and a wealth of experience.

Members comprise people who have ideas from their own personal lived experience and/or professional experience of how we can improve the wellbeing of children, young people, families and communities.

Members bring lived experiences and expertise from diverse sectors across the for purpose sector, including not-for-profits and community organisations, social services, research institutes, academia and business.

Each state and territory of Australia is represented, ensuring voices from urban, regional and remote communities are heard.

There was an overwhelming level of interest in becoming a member of the Leadership Councils from across the country. The Investment Dialogue is committed to creating further opportunities for engagement to leverage the knowledge and insights that exist across individuals and the community sector, including linking into other relevant existing advisory groups and consultation mechanisms as appropriate.

If you would like to receive updates about further opportunities to engage with the Investment Dialogue or discuss opportunities to link in with existing groups you are part of please contact

First Nations Leadership Council members

  • April Lawrie (Chair)

  • Becc Clark 

  • Bella Gordon

  • Brodie Deverell

  • Emily Carter AM 

  • Dr Jordan Cory 

  • Melody Ingra 

  • Portia Walker-Fernando

  • Rohan Collard 

  • Sam Alderton-Johnson 

  • Shirleen Campbell

  • Talei Elu 

  • Tina West

Community Leadership Council members

  • Catherine Liddle (Chair) 

  • Dr Amy Graham

  • Calvin Truong

  • Cara Ann Jacobs 

  • Desmond Campbell 

  • Himadri Deka

  • Lachlann Carter

  • Louise Bell

  • Rachael Wilken 

  • Sahba Manahel Hamid

  • Sally Gamble OAM

  • Servena McIntyre

  • Will Smith ​


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